Do we need a change?

For most of our life issues we have the solutions in ourselves, but the lack of motivation, hesitation in taking initiatives and obstacles, barriers and risks in the path, all these prevent us to free ourselves from our worries and issues. Our inability to prioritize wisdom over emotion make us over or under reactive, either too aggressive or passive and we continue to suffer, even though the solutions exist.


Stress is one of the most common threats almost every individual faces. Some have good coping mechanisms while majority fall victims of stress induced disorders like Exhaustion Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety/Depression, Low Self-Esteem/Self-Efficacy, Pain in Back/Neck/Shoulders/Joints, Sleep Disorders, etc.


Past traumatic events, abuses, failures, diseases, incompetence, ego etc. creates stress and emotional distress. These will produce short term ill-effects and if left unsolved for long-term, causes Acute and Chronic Stress disorders that affects both our physiological and psychological functioning and capabilities. Inability to cope with, control or divert our negative emotions or Emotional Imbalance is the primary cause of wrong decision makings, lack of wellness and other behaviors that make life more and more complex and less satisfactory.

Personalized and Collaborative Life Coaching

I am offering you my services that utilizes techniques in Behavioral Medicine and Cognitive Therapies to overcome your inner barriers and limiting beliefs to achieve healthy Behavioral Changes that can solve majority of your problems. These are individual based effective Intervention Programs for finding and implementing remedies for your life problems.

These will be more like a Collaboration rather than a consultation or counseling that gives importance to the consultant or counselor and often the real patient or client becomes a passive listener.


In collaboration, you will be the center point of action and I will be supporting and motivating you to identify solutions, plan and implement them using your own skills and self efficacy. So the results are permanent and can be retained by you even after the therapy is over.


I will be providing practical, social, scientific, medical(non-drug), spiritual kind of solutions for your life problems, challenges and obstacles.


My Services

Behavior Change Assistance

A vast majority of health, emotional, stress related and relationship  issues can be solved or avoided by implementing positive and healthy behavior changes. I will be assisting you to overcome your barriers and negativities by guiding you through a self paced, determined and courageous course of behavior changes. These are benefited in improving your stress coping skills and the following advantages will be reflected in all aspects of your life.

Personality and Self Development Coaching

Your personality is the reflection of your inner world. How you think, interpret, approach, respond, act and react give shape to your personality and personal skills. If you are lacking confidence in your personality, skills and potential, I have the right tools to train you how to explore and develop your visible and hidden traits of competence, potential and efficiency. This is also a self development exercise that you will undertake with determination to discover the potential that you already have in you.

Motivational Interviewing for Personal Development

The very human nature seeks the easiest and shortest. This default instinct often creates barriers and obstacles for you from within you and from outside. Your motivation, will power, determination and courage are your assets that can make you reach your goals, achieve your dreams and fulfill your duties. I will be unlocking these qualities that are dormant in you through motivational discussions and talks that will prompt you to re-discover you and overcome your obstacles and make you grow up to the expectations and boost up your self-efficacy. 

Anxiety/Depression/Phobia/Stress/Insomnia Management Assistance

These are not your drawbacks, but a requirement for refining and redefining your self. These issues have their roots in the physiological and psychological environment of an individual. Often medications and other pharmacological interventions are the primary remedies for these ailments. But they rarely offer permanent cure in the long run, without the support of complimentary medicine and self help. I will be motivating you, enabling your inner self to take control of your emotions and fear and to support you to lead a pleasant life that you righteously deserve. In the long term, you can utilize your determination and courage to lead a medicine free life or one with minimum medications and more self control. For this I will be using my knowledge and skills in spiritual and scientific techniques like meditation, behavioral change support etc.

General Health Management Assistance & Physical Activity Promotion

The classic ones – Diabetes, Cholesterol, Obesity, High/Low Blood Pressure etc. and other diseases need you not only to take your medications regularly, but also to lead a balanced and disciplined life with the right supplements – exercise, relaxation, rest, leisure, meditation, information etc. I will be helping you to plan and accomplish such a living that can control, heal and manage your diseases even if not completely curable, so that you become free from your worries and promote your self healing ability that nature have granted you.

Family and Relationship Counseling

Our stress, egos, misplaced priorities, etc. are often the culprits in impaired relationships. The ultimate aim of every relationship should be mutual support and progress, and its absence should not mark the end of the relationship, but should enable all the parties involved in it to self retrospect and recalculate priorities and values. I will be working with you to identify your true inner needs and how your relationships can be good or bad for you. While the bias will be always to save a relationship, it will not be definitely at the cost of any of the parties involved.

Spiritual/Faith Healing

“Faith can move even mountains.”  A firm heart rooted well in the strength of your Higher Source or Power can magically create changes in your life and can take you to your destinations that are long and hard. Utilizing my spiritual knowledge, faith, prayers and  meditation skills, I can help you achieve the faith and trust that will transform you and you can shed, ground all your worries and stress and focus on your journey and destination ahead, that your Source have destined for you.


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Free Initial Session

Our collaboration and consultation will be through communication sessions, online or if possible offline. The Collaboration/Consultation/Training period will consist of a number of such sessions, until we mark the collaboration as complete. I offer an initial 15 minutes to 30 minutes free consultation to identify your issues and to prescribe a road map or plan for further paid sessions. In this initial session, you can ask any questions, doubts related to my qualifications, abilities and the potential of our collaboration to bring about positive life changes in you. Contact Me for a free initial consultation. The timing and duration of sessions are decided by mutual agreements between both of us. At the end of any session the next session’s timing and details will be decided.


As an average a session can last for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. It can be less than 15 minutes also depending on the nature of the session. My rates are based on 15 minutes and is USD 6 per 15 minutes, payable through Paypal (by Paypal, Credit/Debit cards). However consultations and collaborations that need more sessions are offered discounts so that the cost does not become a burden for you in the process of your positive life changes and our relationship that focuses more on results and support rather than an as a fully commercial deal. Brief sessions that last less than 15 minutes or last time slots during a session that is less than 15 minutes are absolutely free to encourage more frequent feedback and follow-ups. Their will be email support also during our Collaboration/Consultation period.


Billing and Payment are Post Sessions, in which I will be sending you Paypal Invoice according to the actual duration of the session, after conclusion of the session.


Delivery of Services

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  • Emails
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